Developers meet Designers, Designers meet Developers

Is there such a community where Developers ⇄ Designers can meet and collaborate? I am a developer who has an eye for design.

That doesn't mean that I can do what professional designers do, I just know what looks good vs the obvious not.

I do create my own opensource logos, templates, etc. But most of the time, I find myself copying other's designs or totally give up and head to Fiverr.

I once had an opportunity to work on a project with a designer who knows UX and HTML/CSS development. It was an awesome experience.

It was my first time to trust someone with a design which we both agreed. He was not just a designer, we both had enough knowledge to communicate requirements on our sides.

Now, why am I looking if I already found a person who could work with me? Here is the thing, not all people are like you and me folks.

We are the ones who have a very long list of TODOs that is piling up very fast but slowly being ticked. We are obsessed with new ideas which most of the time lead to half-baked outputs.

We love opensource and definitely find time out of our 9-5 job and our weekends. In fact, we consider this as one of our leisure activities.

Working for years, I only met a single person who shares the same enthusiasm. And no, he is not a designer, he is an awesome developer just like me.

So how about, we start establishing an alliance where we can do stuff together. Let us build our portfolios together and work our way towards intentional career building.